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Business Administration is life Administration , start to managing your life in success , and join  now to edexcel …. It's your way to success.


Admission and registration :

1- New personal photo (Num : 2 ) .

2- Copy of your ID card .

3- Copy of  your  secondary certificate .



Source: British Educational Corporation Edexcel .

Study Period: 2 year (4 semesters )  theoretical and practical study.

Admission:Third Secondary class certificate is a must (regardless of its Kind).

                                              Study language : Arabic and English .

                                              Complementary Study: The holders of this certificate can continue their

                                              study in the UK.

   BTEC HND in

Subjects of the first year:

Managing Financial Resources
and Decisions

Organization and Behaviors

Business Environment

Human Resources Management

Management Accounting :Costing
and Budgeting

Common Low



Subjects of the second year:

Business Decision Making

Business Strategy

Research Project

Advertising and Promotion

Sales Planning and Operations

Information Systems

Operations Management

Project Management

Subjects of the first year:

- Computer Pltform

Programming Concepets

Database Design Conccepts

Networking Concepts

Personal Skills Development

Multimedia Design and Authoring

Website Design

E-Business Technology

Subjects of the second year:

Programming Analysis

Infomation System Project

Information Systems

Networking Technology

Data Analysis And Design

Ms Office Solution Development

Managerment IT

Visual Programming

   BTEC HND in
 Art & Design                New

 First semester subjects :

The Contemporary hospitality industry

Rooms division operations

Management accounting for hospitality


Introduction to internet and e-business

Second semester subjects :

Customer service

The developing manager

Food and Beverage operations

Hospitality operations management


Third semester subjects :

Facilities Operations

Conference and Banqueting Management

Industry Experience

people Management

Food and Society

Research Project

Subjects of the first year:

Drawing in Fine Art

Digital Media Design

Website Creation & Management

Visual Communication

Animation Techniques

Contextual and Cultural Referencing

Sound Production and Editing

Video Production

Subjects of the second year:

Photographic Techniques

Typographic Skills

Ideas Generation and Development

Project Management

3D Design

Interior Design

Professional Practice

Project Design